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What we do

Buying your first home? Up or down-sizing? Perhaps you're a seasoned property investor, or a commercial developer or property owner? Regardless, you be looking for prompt and practical advice from an expert.
Our clients love how easy we make the buying and selling process, and our fixed fees.
Click here to find out Waikanae Law can help achieve your property goals.
Families can be complicated. Whether you want to protect your family's assets, agree on the division of relationship property; or whether you need advice on your rights, or on care of children matters, our experts will help you - respectfully and sensitively.
When you engage us, we'll take the time to understand exactly what you want to achieve and give you a tailor-made plan to implement those wishes. You can expect expert advice and, when you need it, high-quality representation. Click here to find out more.
In the event that you lose capacity, who will make decisions about your care and welfare, and your property? An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) delegates those decisions to a trusted individual, termed your 'attorney'. EPOAs can solve a lot of problems, but it's important to get them right. Waikanae Law will expertly prepare your EPOA, store it safely, and provide copies to you and your attorney as and when needed.
Click here to find out more about enduring powers of attorney.
While we may not wish to think about dying, death and the administration of our estate, all are sadly inevitable. Waikanae Law will help you navigate the complexity of advance directives and the will-making process - ensuring that your wishes are recorded accurately and will withstand challenge in the event of a dispute. When the time comes we'll professionally administer your estate, and ensure that the process of obtaining does not additionally burden your loved ones.
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Waikanae Law provides our commercial clients with practical advice on employment agreements and entitlements, commercial leases, debt collection and company law matters. We also offer advice on consumer guarantees and fair trading issues. If you have a commercial problem, let us know. We pride ourselves in our practical advice, and more importantly - the excellent results we achieve.
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Waikanae Law provides advice and representation on minor criminal matters and traffic offences. If you've been charged with an offence, need advice in relation to an infringement, or require a limited driver's licence following a disqualification, it is important to seek legal advice as quickly as possible. We will explain your rights, discuss your options, and see the matter through.
Contact us to discuss your criminal law or traffic matter.
Do you have an issue or dispute with a government department or a council? Are you unsure of your rights, or who to approach to have your concerns addressed?
Our team will ensure your issue finds its way through the bureaucracy to the right person. If required we will advocate on your behalf until the matter is resolved.
Contact us and we'll help you cut through the red tape.