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First-home buyers

Well we do, so you don’t need to worry. Waikanae Law will provide you with prompt, easy-to-understand, advice to help you navigate the purchase of your first home.

Waikanae Law will help you draft conditions before you make your offer, and then review everything to ensure your contract (and the property you’re buying) is free from any fishhooks. We’ll work with your lender and/or broker, the Ministry of Business of Innovation and Employment and your Kiwisaver provider to ensure that the funds you need are ready.

We’ll be responsive to your enquiries and clear with you about deadlines and your obligations, and we’ll do all this for a fixed fee so there are no surprises.

And of course this means that you can focus on the really important things - like finding the perfect first home.

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There’s a lot of jargon that comes with entering the housing market. Do you know your HomeStart Grant from your Kiwisaver First Home Withdrawal? Your LIMs from your builder’s reports? What about your deadline sales from your tenders?