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Family Law and Asset Protection

Families can be complicated. Whether you want to protect your family's assets, agree on the division of relationship property; or whether you need advice on your rights, or on care of children matters, Waikanae Law will help you - respectfully and sensitively.
We can assist with anything from contracting out agreements ("pre-nups") to property division, and everything in between. We'll do our very best to achieve a great result for you, and to keep matters out of the courts if possible.
Waikanae Law can assist you in determining the best structure for your family's affairs, including the establishment and administration of trusts.
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Contracting Out Agreements ('Pre-Nups')

The Property (Relationships) Act 1976 may require you and your partner to divide property in a manner that is against your wishes. 


We can assist you by preparing an agreement to contract out of the Act, and set in place arrangements for the separation of property that will apply in the event the relationship ends.


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Separation Agreements

Separation is inevitably a challenging time.  You'll be looking for clear and concise advice on matters like property division, financial support (including child support), and arrangements for the care of children - including relocation and guardianship matters.

Waikanae Law will explain your rights and obligations, and do our best to settle matters on your behalf without the need to go to court. 

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Asset Protection

Asset protection refers to strategies designed to keep your assets and wealth safe, and to protect them into the future. Because the reasons for needing an asset protection strategy vary, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Waikanae Law will work to understand your objectives, and then devise a strategy to achieve the outcomes you seek. We will identify any risks, and consider how best to mitigate or eliminate them. Once an appropriate structure has been devised, we will administer it for you - ensuring it remains fit for purpose and compliant with any duties or obligations.

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