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Residential property investment can be a tough business. Landlords often find themselves being used as political ‘whipping boys’ and are the subject of frequent, and drastic, changes in policy and law.

At the same time, you’re running a business and don’t have money to throw around on lawyers who give you generic advice. That can leave you at the mercy of online advice which, let’s be honest, may not possess the weight of expertise you might hope.

Waikanae Law works for landlords. Our solicitors understand your business, and we know the legislative framework inside out. We deliver practical advice that our landlord clients can immediately implement – confident that in doing so they’re on solid ground.

If you need advice about your investment, your rights and obligations as a landlord, or if things have escalated and you need a fast assessment of your position and next steps, Waikanae Law can help you. And we'll do it all for a fixed fee so there are no surprises.

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