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Residential Buying and Selling

When you engage Waikanae Law as your solicitors, we’ll give you prompt, easy-to-understand, advice to help you achieve your property goals. We’ll be available to discuss matters with you by phone, email or Skype. If you prefer to keep things traditional, naturally we’re also happy meet with you in person.

It goes without saying that we’ll work with you lender and/or broker to get the necessary paperwork in order, and well send you clear reporting statements once your transaction is complete. And we’ll do it all for a competitive fixed fee so there are no surprises.

And if you’re purchasing a property as an investment, you might be interested in our Landlords page.

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As a residential property buyer or investor, you already have a good understanding of the property market, the negotiation process and due diligence. What you’re looking for are solicitors who know their stuff, and will get the job of conveyancing done for you without fuss or error.